Thursday, May 10, 2012

Horse Hair Hitched Belts by MARTINY SADDLE

Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Good Morning!  So excited to share with you Martiny Saddle Co. latest project!  Check out these wicked awesome HORSE HAIR HITCHED Belts!  All made right here in the USA! Horse Hair Hitching alone, is an art to be marveled at but, pair it with Nancy Martiny's hand carved leather belts ends and they are down right AWESOME!  Below is a sampling of some of the amazingness Ms Nancy Martiny has been working on lately!

Sampling of the Horse Hair Hitched Belts available right now from Martiny Saddle

Perfectly Paired with MARTINY HAND CARVED LEATHER Work
Looking for a custom creation?  Here are few of the belt end options to choose from
Detail Shot of the I'm a Real Catch Hitching
Detailed Dualing Horses with Basket Stamp Ends
Hitched Rainbow with Basket Stamp Ends
Bad to the Bone ~ Skull & Cross Bone with Black Basket Stamp Ends
Fire Bird Hitching (my fav colors!) with GORGEOUS Full Flower Ends

To see more about this lost art and HAIR HITCHED BELTS Available right now visit Martinty Saddle!
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Nancy Martiny
phone: 208- 876-4227

Thanks so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today!  Loving today's scenery! 
Happy Trails ~ Mindy

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Small Sampling of the Beautiful Handmade Beaded and Full Flower Carved Belts available from Martiny Saddle!

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