Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring has Sprung, We're on the RUN!

Spring has sprung and we are on the RUN!  So happy to see climbing temperatures and growing green grass!  Since it's been a while since we've seen a completely Random Whirlwind Post....

 Here is quick little catch up from the blur of fun we’ve been packing into the spring months

  • Congratulations to the newly wedded BRY & JAKE FENSKE!  It was an honor to attend little Ms Bryola Worthern’s wedding.  What a beautiful bride walking down the isle and a celebration afterwards to rival any.   Thank you so much to Bry & Jake for letting us be a part of your special day. 
Also, an added bonus, my favorite, Tiffany Marie Wagner made the journey down to celebrate and any day you get to spend with Tiffany is a good one!
* One of my favorite lines of the night ~ David Burtenshaw sits down to visit with everyone at our table.  With in 5 minutes of conversation he had already asked Tiffany when her and her date where getting married.  It was priceless!  (I think the next question involved something about my date but my memory seems to be foggy on those details ;)

  • Easter Egg Coloring Contest!  - I’m pretty much the best….and don’t let those 5 year olds tell you any different . 
  • All kinds of FIRSTS around here!  1 st time cooking ribs!  1st time cooking cube steak!  Both were ediable!  I thought it was reason to celebrate and YES, I am very sheltered. ; ) Much more complicated than hamburger and I think I’m really getting fancy.
  • Hoggan Branding: Good lil’ branding with friends and family.  Tried out a new Jalepeno Popper Dip recipe that was a big hit!  No casulaties from the day and as always with Hoggan’s…it was an adventure.
  • Quick trip to Martiny Saddle Co to visit Mom and work on a few new projects.  Sugar Cookies and home cooked meals.  My Mom rocks!  Also, Get excited!  It’s always fun when Mom and I get together.  You’ll be able to see are fun creations in person at the Jordan Valley Big Loop!
Beautiful sunrise peaking over the mountains on a May, Idaho morning
Here is a peak at a few of the goodies we might have with us 
Cowboy tack from Martiny Saddle Co.

Leather Carved Ceramic Tile by Nancy Martiny

  • Quick shout out to PAISLEY PEAR BOUTIQUE in Hamer, Idaho!  Thank you so much for letting Lil’ Red Roan be a part of your Open House Party.  It’s always a great day partying with you.  Thank you to all our wonderful friends who stopped in to visit and shop.  
  • Idaho Horse Expo 2012:  The list of Thank You’s for this one could go on and on for days!  Great weekend spent with friends and family.  Learned so much and met lots of INTERESTING new people too.  Chris Cox did an excellent job presenting throughout the expo.  He has excellent taste also because he got a beautiful hand carved Martiny Cowgirl Cuff for his wife. 

Thank You to THANK YOU to everyone who made my trip to the Idaho Center so wonderful! Thank You to Bob Bean, Karen Ewy, Dana Howard, David Stoecklein Photography, Jessica Howard, Jessica Blake, Macy Hack, Mike Seal, Candi Heavrin, Temi & Michelle Freeman and EVERYONE who stopped in the booth to say hello! Blessed with so many amazing friends & family!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Justin Baker dragging one to the fire
I commented on how awesome Justin's horse was. 
Justin replied...Don't say that, You'll give him a big head. :)
 What's a few more days when you've been gone for a week....head over the hill to Mom & Jim's to brand.
Best branding I've been to all year.
Thankful for healthy baby calves.
Thankful for a great day branding with an amazing crew of hands.
Thankful for perfectly beautiful weather.
Thankful for a home-cooked meal with friends and family.
Thankful for the blessings of Ranchers.
Thankful for RAIN & the green grass springing up on the mountain.
So THANKFUL for so many beautiful blessings this morning!
Wishing you all a THANKFUL THURSDAY filled with more blessings than you can count ~ Mindy

How saddle makers do home repair
  • Mud Lake High School Rodeo~ Thank You to Hoggan Rodeo for the opportunity to work at the Mud Lake High School rodeo.  It was a BEAUTIFUL weekend for a rodeo.  Thank You to Ma Baker, Kelly Crystal, Joe Slagowski and Dist. 1 for a great rodeo. 
* So here is where I have to tell you a lil' note about the weekend.  Friday afternoon Regg and I were finishing up hauling into the rodeo.  He had lost his phone while we were working horses earlier that day.  SO we make a plan before I head out.   
PLAN: I'm taking the load of calves we just sorted to the rodeo.  Load of tubs and grain.  I'm also to call the pickup man and check in because Regg doesn't have his phone. 
I get in thr truck and head to the rodeo grounds.  I'm not even a half mile from home when I see the trailer pin swinging in the rear view mirror.  OH NO!  I bring her to a STOP and run back to see a EMPTY Trailer with the gate wide open.  Just as I'm calling Regg's wife, my phone starts ringing......We'd forgot to LOAD the calves :)  hahaha  I hate it when that happens.  ( I know you shouldn't share stories like that on yourself but it was too funny not to)
Moral of the Story:  You've heard the saying, "Always Check Your Own Cinch"  Well, now you can add.."ALWAYS Check Your Own Trailer Gate" to that list :)
Riggin and J2 taking good care of Josie while her parents went to get calves
We rode the hair off the play ground horses :)
Rita, Mom, and Mindy
Happy to be Rodeoing!

  • Dinner with neighbors~ Thank you so much to Tommy & Don Thompson for taking the time to come down and have dinner with us.  Tommy is a great neighbor and has been all of my life.  His son, Don, was over visiting from Tasmania.  It was an honor to be a stop on his trip. *Love the moments with loved ones gathered around a table!

  • Missoula 2012 College Rodeo
THANK YOU to MONIDA RODEO for the opportunity to work with them for the 2012 Missoula College Rodeo!  Another BEAUTIFUL weekend for a rodeo!  Thank You to all our rodeo friends, family and fans! 

* Day THREE of a THREE DAY RODEO:  I'm standing behind the chutes during the saddle bronc riding. 
All the sudden I look up at the bronc riders in front of me and say...."I just right now realized that their is TWO of you!"  Yes,  TWIN brothers in the saddle bronc riding at it took me THREE days to realize that I wasn't just talking to the same kid over and over.

What a FUN spring has sprung into!  Looking forward to seeing you all down the Rodeo Trail at the Jordan Valley Big Loop, Dirty Rotten Buckers Bucking Horse Futurity, and more!  Thanks so much for traveling with me today!  Happy Trails, Mindy

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