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Judy Wagner's Ranchgrownlogic

Today, I wanted to share an amazing woman that is near and dear to my heart, Ms Judy Wagner.  She is strong.  She is beautiful.  She is a leader.  She is a trail blazer.  She is all heart.  Judy has always been a talented writer and motivator, but recently she has been publishing her works to encourage, inspire, and lead by Ranchgrownlogic!

Judy was kind enough to take the time to share a glimpse of her story with us.  Here is ranchgrownlogic and a little bit about the beautiful woman behind the scenes.

History: A little background on where & how you were raised.
I grew up on a ranch in western Montana.  The oldest of seven brothers and sisters.  We shared chores, love and laughter, hardships and pain. We learned to count on each other and to navigate through the storms with resiliency and encouragement.
We lost our father in a tractor accident when I was 16. You learn to grow up fast.  I know how it feels to hear a calf bawl and have you brother say, “that’s our herd.”  We learned how to work as a team, for the love of the land, family, and the pride of our brand.

What makes your heart skip a beat and race with excitement.
This question is easier. My heart skips a beat and races with excitement doing what I love;
  Taking great shots, while team roping, golfing, or with photography. I love catching someone's eye and without saying word a whole conversation happens, I love a hug from someone you care about, and the joy that comes from telling a good story.
Each day I appreciate the moments, those times when you make memories with family and friends.
I am thankful for the opportunities to be who I am; a pragmatic cowgirl with an optimistic heart.

 Something Special;
Strong is what we make each other
  • I began competing as a team roper “before it was cool.”  There weren’t many women in the sport.  I love the affirmations I receive from young women who acknowledge my contribution to the sport, to the industry and as a mentor.  “They thank me for blazing the trail.”
    Judy in Action

  • I am proud to have won the  Justin Boots Standard of the West Award recognized as a PRCA Committee Person of the Year in 1990 for efforts to establish an all-girl rodeo team at Helena’s Last Chance Stampede.

    "Produced and participated in All Girl Team Rodeo at Last Chance rodeo

    we are gorgeous.....and good" Judy Wagner
  • I am proud to have created  other memorable brands and associations including the Gold Buckle Dreamin Rodeo and the Round Up Roping team roping association. Both associations are still active today,  growing and thriving in the community 20 years later.
How did you get where you are today?
That is a loaded question. The easy answer is one branch at a time.
I use the analogy of life being like a tree.  The things that happen to us in life are the branches.
I like seeing a tree with character; still growing, roots deep in tradition and values, anchored in strength, and strong enough to weather the storms.
You can say my tree has a few forks in the branches, but the good news is the older you get the more shade you provide, I guess you could call that experience, discovering your purpose and getting on to the business of living it.
 My tree has a few character branches
  • Cooperative Extension Agent-Head 4-H agent
  • Gator Ropes :Owned and started business
  • Director of Marketing at Montana Silversmiths.
  • ranchgrownlogic. Building brands and telling stories through WIT 
 Gator Ropes Branch
  • They called me MA Gator, Judy Gator and MS Gator. Did not really matter it was a good time in my life and the start of Team roping as big business.
  • I am proud to have been the first to name ropes, give them personalities , and partner with endorses to help tell the story. 
  • Gator ropes hanging rubber Gator was a mark of distinction. Part of the brand it depicted the lay of the ropes . If my kids misbehaved I made them go punch Gators. If you would ask them they would tell you  that put a whole new meaning to being  PUNCHY!
Montana Silversmiths Branch 
I am proud of helping bring Montana Silversmiths brand, products and their stories to market.  I am proud of Elmer and of the Pursuit of Excellence scholarship program we started and I am proud to be a part of the heartbeat of the Western Industry. 
  Ranchgrownlogic Branch
The term Ranch Grown Logic is hard to explain until you come face to face with the common sense of it all.
 Good Example of Ranch Grown Logic 

We were pushing cows and I had a horse who did nor want to cross a 3 ft wide ditch. I heard my brother on the other side say “Look at me, look up.”
 That was it, ranchgrownlogic; I knew it when I heard it. Look at where you want to go, not down, not at the issues that threaten, that you think are deep, swampy or rocky. Focus on your vision.
 I took a deep breath of confidence, for me and my horse, and I looked ahead.  I looked up at my brother on the hill.
One small leap for my horse resulted in one giant step for my appreciation of ranchgrownlogic! Its not rocket science, its common sense.
Mission of Ranchgrownlogic
Ridin’ for the brand, telling stories, and making a difference.
Ropin’ and rooted in the spirit of the West, Ranch Grown Logic is a value based-common sense approach to marketing utilizing authentic, motivational, passionate, branding insights. 
Judy's Personal Motto
 “The code of her West; Use a short rope, a sweet smile, and a hot brand.” Gladiola Montana

Here is a little RANCHGROWNLOGIC:

"No one makes it alone. "~ranchgrownlogic

"Anything is possible on the back of a horse" ~ranchgrownlogic

"There are no ordinary moments" ~ ranchgrownlogic
Thank you so much for stopping by to travel the trail with me today.  I hope you enjoyed our ranchgrowlogic!  To read more "ranchgrowlogic wisdom" make you you follow Judy's blog and LIKE ranchgrownlogic on facebook. 

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  1. Wow! I found her blog a couple of weeks ago and so happy to hear more about her history! Sounds like an amazing woman!!!

  2. Thanks so much Elizabeth for stopping by. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It was such an honor to share a piece of Judy's story. Make sure you check out the Ranch Grown Logic facebook. You will love it! ~ Mindy

  3. Thank you for asking the questions and letting me tell my story. You are a treasure....You inspire, delight and entertain. Love that about you. My hats off to you...

  4. Thanks Judy! Right back at ya ~ That Girl