Wednesday, December 12, 2012


LOVE this time of year and the attitude of gratitude that wafts through the air. Filling hearts, homes, and families with appreciation for the countless blessings pouring into our lives everyday! 

Here are a few moments that I am THANKFUL for:

Today I am thankful for matches. Seriously....they are awesome little fire startin dudes :) Lovin' a cozy home and wood heat. .........they are awesome Can you imagine trying to flint and stone up a spark every time you wanted a fire....I would freeze to death!

 Today I am thankful for bumpy gravel roads :) .....and getting to you bump down the road. Thankful for the simple little things in life that make you giggle.
 .......Usually, my lil' sister & my little cousin, play the "aaaaaa" game on the way down the gravel road to my Dad's. They are both 5 and you wouldn't believe the fun you can have playing that game for a mile down the road. Hahaha.....tonight I found myself hitting the washboards in the road & saying......aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......all by myself. I'm easily amused. What can I say

 Today I am THANKFUL for Assuming the BEST from everyone you meet. Thankful for humbling life lessons that remind you that people are not always as they seem and they are usually always better than you think, if you expect the best and give them a chance. Blessed ♥

 TODAY I am THANKFUL for Power and all the heat, water, lights, and basic blessings that I take for granted everyday.

Today I am thankful for the scenery driving country roads.  Love to coming around a bend to a herd of goats or beautiful black cows grazing.  Love Idaho 

 Today I am THANKFUL a roof that is still on the Pink House in this wind! Thankful for warm fire to cozy up to after being outside. Thankful for not getting blown off the table we stood on to put a tire on the roof to keep the tin from blowing off the house :)

 Today I am Thankful for packages delivered to your door, wonderful Lil' Red Roan customers ordering, a beautiful sunshinin' day, and small town hospitality, that when a neighbor stops by around lunch time, you can offer them a meal. ♥ Loving December Blessings!

Today I am Thankful for elves that sneak in and wash sinks full of dishes. Thankful for cut wood and warm fires. Thankful for clean rooms & beds covered in a quilt made out of Grandpa's jeans. Thankful for neighbor whose Christmas Candy....was a lasagna....on a night you really didn't want to cook.

 Today I am THANKFUL for friendly small town customer service, hard working, firewood packin, room cleaning, bed makin lil' boys, and hours spent in good company.  

 Tonight I am THANKFUL to hear the sound of a 97 year old man singing a lullaby to his beautiful bride of 60+ years. What a blessing to witness a true love story.

THANK YOU for taking the time to travel the gypsy trail with me today.  So grateful for you stopping by and hope you are inspired to write your own WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR TODAY list.
Much Love,

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