Wednesday, October 5, 2011

2011 Rodeo Trail: 1st , 55th and all the FUN in between!


SUMMER FUN on the RODEO TRAIL and everywhere in between!

Whitehall, MT : 1st Annual BUCKING HORSE FUTURITY

Whitehall, Montana filled with Bronc Riders, Bucking Horses, and Bronc Riding Fans! Yes, it was as fun as it sounds! THANK YOU to Whitehall, Montana for hosting their 1st annual Bucking Horse Futurity! Amazing bucking horse athletes and talented bronc riders gathered together to put on a top class evening!

CONGRATULATIONS to JOHN SMITH for walking away with bucking horse honors!

WOWZER! Talk about history in the making! Best ride I’ve seen in quite some time; Congratulations to SHANE MORAN for showing them how it’s done.

I’d also like to take give a round of applause to EVERYONE who made their way out to the rodeo grounds to watch the bucking horse riding! What an AMAZING crowd! After a long long winter an anxious community gathered together in the to enjoy one of the 1st warm days and a lil’ bucking horse fun.

Last but certainly not least….CONGRATULATIONS to Jess Martin, Gina Ossello, and everyone behind the scenes that made the 1 st annual Whitehall Bucking Horse Futurity a huge success! Looking forward to making it a tradition!

Dubois, ID

Clark County’s 55 th Annual RODEO:

Heading to the Rodeo!

The best way to describe this fine hometown festival is….LEGENDARY!!! Bucking Horses, (yes that is a reaccuring theme of a great summer for me), a paying job, family, friends....How does it get any great than that????

Add REAT MUSIC!!!! Kole Moulton and the Lonely Road were playing live after the rodeo!!! Well the clouds began to gather and soon rain was covering the sagebrush filled rodeo grounds ! (Yes, that is the best smell in the world!)

Well, we never let a little rain slow down a good ol’ Idaho party! BRING ON THE FUN! A night filled with DANCING in the RAIN, around the sagebrush , on the stage and just about everything else you can imagine!

The rest of this story will be left to your imagination and the rumors that you may or may not hear. LEGENDARY, LEGENDARY, LEGENDARY WEEKEND!

THANK YOU to the hard working Dubois Rodeo Committee, Sponsors,Community, EACH and every contestant, Everyone FAN who comes to support the rodeo, Hoggan Rodeo, Kelli Hurst, Annie Tuckett, Savannah McGarry, Jace Angus, and each an every person that made the weekend FABULOUS

Ms Annie & I dancing our lives away!

Aww, we are so much fun!
Thanks for a great night!

Hailey, Idaho:

Fabulous 4th of July! I love the fourth of July! Cowboy Christmas!

I had the privilege of working at one of the best 4th of July rodeos ever…Hailey, Idaho! This rodeo has long been one of my favorite events. It is different than any other rodeo we attend all year. However, this year was different than ever before! The re-birth of time honored tradition! We had the honor of being there July 2011 and the debut of the world class new facility!

We arrived the evening before the morning slack. The once wooden bleachers and gravel road were now replaced by towering grandstands of metal pipe, bleachers, panels, pens, and asphalt. (If you can’t tell….I was still mourning the past and the old grounds.

When the rodeo got rolling, I would learn a very valuable lesson. Beautiful green mountain sides, hard working committee, Amazing bucking horses, talented personnel and $4,000 ROARING fans! This kind of energy is unstoppable! No matter the sticks and stones or bolt and pipe that surround you…..LIVING THINGS brought together and unified in celebration that is where the magic begins!

A military unit played one of the most beautiful National Athem’s ever. From there on, we were rolling. Working our way through a full program of rodeo events and by the time we arrived at the barrel racing the stands were ROARING!!!

The last performance, the 4 th of July and NO bull rides in over 30 attempts. 4,000 screaming fans cheering, a rumbling echoing from the stands as they stomp in anticipation for the LAST chance to see man conquer beast. The young bull rider pulls his rope down tight on his head, nods his head and unleashes 1,800 lbs of sheer power! They explode out of the chute and the battle begins! Blow for blow, jerking force, and sheer brute strength! They are approaching the last round…..caught up in every split second….HE MAKES IT TO 8!!! The crowd goes WILD! The energy in that moment, thousands of people united in believing the impossible could be done and the sheer excitement from that!

The pictures don't do it justice & words can't can't even begin explain the energy.
Make your way over to Hailey, Idaho next year and come see for yourself :)
All the cool kids will be there!

Yes, that is a bucking chute full of talented young stock saddle bronc riders telling
Ashton Kutcher the inside scoop behind the scenes at a rodeo.

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