Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rodeo Fan in the Stands

Free Weekend in the Rodeo Schedule. What is the next best thing to bucking horses???

HOUSE GUESTS!!!! Such a lucky, lucky girl! The amazing Mr. Max Filippini made a lay-over at the house. It just so happened that the bronc rider van was headed to Great Falls, Montana on Wednesday and back in the same day so ….OBVIOUSLY, I hopped in! Who doesn’t love 9 hours in a van! : )

Gas Tanks in a small Montana town that we fueled up me laugh!

"Price is Double the Amount Shown"

Great Falls, Montana: quick trip with as many friends as possible! Bob Marriott, Dalton Ward, Shane Moran, Tyrell Smith, Shane Moran, Will Ramussen, Roberta and Ryan Sankey and many more Montana rodeo friends. The one and only Angel Grace Hucke brought her beautiful baby girl down to meet me! How awesome is that! So fun to catch up with one of my favorite college roommates! I even got to practice my videoing skills for Mr. Colin McTaggart and cute traveling partner….of whom I can never remember his name. SERIOUSLY….I was EVERYTHING a good spectator should be! (lol…except that part where I left during the timed events to eat fair food…which was fabulous!)

Hilarious drive home with the guys. Max & Ryan are fabulous traveling partners! Ended out the night rocking out to Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” song! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much for letting me throw in with ya. Great road trip!!!

Thursday got even better, the guys helped out with some projects around the house. Later there was a house full of bronc riders and a home cooked meal around the kitchen table. It was so so so nice!

Everyone was heading out different directions on the rodeo trail. Thank you to Max Max for leaving beers in the fridge! You are the reason for the BEER BREAD experiment!

Here is a link to the BEER BREAD recipe in case you missed it earlier. Delicious!

Ryan was up in Idaho Falls so I hopped in, bucking horses only 30 minutes away, can’t hardly turn that down. This is where I started to question my sanity. The bull riders were up in Idaho Falls that night so I volunteered to video, yes, volunteered. Meeting up with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Wade at the rodeo, any rodeo is like a family reunion. That’s fine but then it started to rain/drizzle …..MOST of the night…and I sat thru that! I go to lots of rodeos every year but I’m working. You are busy and don’t have time get cold or think about the ridiculousness of your actions. Had it not been for volunteering to video the bull riding…I probably would have left after the broncs. Bottom line…I’m not tough enough to be a spectator!

THANK YOU again to Ryan for letting me ride down with him. Thank You to Wade and Nancy for letting me sit with them and a fun night at the rodeo!

Friday: I have NO Intention of going to the rodeo! No intention…until I find out that one of the beautiful Hoggan raised bucking horse mares was going to be out tonight! Rodeo bound again, better prepared tonight with a ball cap and cute Lil’ Red Roan hoody. Not a single drop of rain! Seriously, it was a nice night and I’m dressed like a trucker. None of that mattered because that beautiful Hoggan mare BUCKED!!! THANKFUL for a great night at the rodeo! A special Thank You to Kenny and Vicky Jo Elison for letting me sit with them during the rodeo. Blessed < 3! Loved it when those mares buck to the best of their ability!

SATURDAY, SATURDAY, SATURDAY….(k, now that that song is in playing in your head)….You KNOW that I’m headed to the rodeo! This is day 4 of rodeo for me now. I’m cleaned up, hair, makeup, cute clothes…..Yes, It’s practically a fool proof disguise : ) I headed in early to the rodeo to visit with some friends.

THANK YOU! It was great to visit with Matt and Molly Twitchell and family, Kenny and Vicky Elison, and Sonny Hansen! Pickup Men camp was full of great friends and so so blessed to be able to catch up with all of them. I would later realize that Idaho Falls would be the last time I would see Mr Sonny Hansen. Thankful for the great example of kindness and ALWAYS smiling face. Our thoughts and prayer go out to the Hansen family. Sonny will always be remembered by all the lives that he touched.

Max Max is up in Idaho Falls and has a great horse drawn! He has been riding really good all summer and I am so excited to see these rodeo athletes matched up. Well, it doesn’t just rain this night. The clouds get darker and darker. Soon it is POURING rain, pouring! Nancy and I huttled in our rain coats on our seats in the grand stands to keep them from getting our bleacher blankets wet. Oh yes, we were that hard core! It pours and pours and pours some more! During parts of the rodeo it was more of a misting but it came down all night. Lol…the once well groomed hair…is rather wet frizzy poodle looking and the 1 st horse hasn’t even been bucked yet. When the going get tough….the tough get going and the hard core rodeo fans come out!

Before the rodeo even starts, there is courageous lady in the crowd that climbs the fence and makes the arena her stage! She’s dancing and cheering and just being awesome! (I thought it was awesome : ) Nancy just kept saying…That’s someone’s mother )

Well she had the right idea because by the bull riding….the entire stands were on their feet! Cheering, dancing, yelling, and shaking it like a poloriod picture……anything to stay warm. In fact the bull rides were almost out done by an adorable lil sheep rider had the moves like Jagger. He was the coolest thing since sliced bread! Thank you to Savannah and Nancy, surrounded by all my rowdy friends, soaking up all the fun RODEO has to offer! Congratulations to Idaho Falls for putting on a great rodeo! Great Stock, Top Notch Cowboys and that irreplaceable hometown crowd!

Thank you for traveling the gypsy trail with me!

You just never know the last time you will see someone's smiling face.

Smile at strangers. Hug your friends & family.

Let them know how much you appreciate them.

See the beauty in every second spent together.

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