Monday, October 10, 2011

McCammon and St Anthony 2011Pioneer Days

McCammon ~

The next stop on the rodeo trail took me to McCammon, Idaho with Hoggan Rodeo. The bull fighter and I drove a load of roping steers down. Or I should say….He drove and I had my 1 st experience with an ipod! I my gosh, THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!! (Yes, I’m totatlly old school & just thrilled that my car plays cds : ) Not only did I get to dj the whole way to McCammon….I also learned that our bull fighter does not have horrible taste in music! It was pretty much the highlight of my day. When we pulled into the rodeo grounds to unload….I seriously considered just staying in the truck and listening to music : )

THANK YOU to the McCammon Rodeo Committee for choosing Hoggan Rodeo! . Also thank you to each and every RODEO FAN that came out to enjoy the rodeo! Thank you to all of our great rodeo sponsors who make the rodeo possible and all of the great contestants. A special THANK YOU to Trevor and Emily Fuhriman for a letting us stay. Hospitality at its finest and couldn’t ask for anyone better to work with! It was a great weekend spent with friends. THANK YOU!!!!

Check out Trevor & Emily and all their amazingness

Also, Check out HOGGAN RODEO

After the rodeo Saturday the entire crew hustled to get everything loaded on the trucks for the haul home. The bull fighter and I loaded with steers again but this time we had the task of returning them to their owners in Blackfoot. I’ve been there once earlier this spring….and I missed the turn in the day light….lol. David gave words of encouragement….something like this…..It is REALLY REALLY DARK there because they don’t have a yard light.

Perfect : ) We load up and head down the road. Yes, I was dj again. These ipods really are so much fun! Bull fighter guy & did find the feedlot. When we went to unload….I completely understood what David was talking about. It was REALLY DARK!

Although it seems when your vision is hindered the other senses are heightened. Maybe they are always that sensitive, just never take the time to notice when can see. You feel the ground under your feet, incline or decline in the terrain. Standing in the silence, your eyes begin to adjust to the dim moonlight. The glimmer that comes off a full water trough. You notice the way the lights reflects off of the panel gates and different reflections from the wood plank fence. The alley is a tunnel of darkness but you can feel the slight vibrating in the ground just before the black steers appear in front of you to turn into their pen.

I love the Rodeo Lifestyle and all the little things that go along with it.

Thank you to Hoggan Rodeo and every member of the crew for being so wonderful to work with. Thank you to the bull fighter for being a great traveling partner…even if he did make me drive a lil’ that night

Livin’ the Dream!

Arco (this rodeo was in between McCammon & St. Anthony...see Brad Remer Memorial for post)


THANK YOU to St. Anthony’s Rodeo committee for the opportunity to be a part of their Pioneer Day celebration! What an amazing rodeo! St. Anthony is always one of my favorites because the entire community comes together to celebrate their pioneer heritage with good ol’ fashioned rodeo fun. The stands are packed. It is standing room only. Literally, when they have the calf scramble the arena FILLS with hundreds of children…the stands are still full….and you aren’t sure where they all came from. It is AMAZING! A few years ago St. Anthony took a big risk and became an independent rodeo. It has paid off big also. Amazing bucking horses, top notch cowboys, and the full crowd to compete in front of. The energy is 2 nd to none!

Thank you to the St. Anthony community, Sponsors, Angell Family and every who works so hard to make Pioneer Days possible. Also, Thank you to my awesome Aunt Nancy. I get the opportunity to work with her most of the summer and she rocks! Not only is she professional and a great timer; she’s also one of my best friends. Blessed to work with the best! THANK YOU!

Penelope & I getting ready to go rodeo!
Dad & Penelope

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