Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pink House Proud

“PINK” House Proud

You might ask, What do I do when I actually spend a weekend at the Pink Palace?

Well, I put in a PINK sidewalk of course! (Ok, well I think most people call it red brick but …lets be real….It is PINK!) There are all kinds of colors involved in this project. “Going Green” & re-purposing , the bricks came off of the childhood home that I was raised in. So excited to give them a new life.

So excited! In the winter, which around here seems like it is 9 months out of the year, we have card games at the house. Well, there was no sidewalks and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get in the house without bogging through a muddy mess & slipping and sliding through the sticky clay by the back door. Last winter, my friend, Abby, wiped out on an attempt to make it inside. Let's just say, It was not optimal :) So Dad brought me down a wagon full of bricks from the old house and I got to work!

THANK YOU to J2, Lisa, Monte, Houston, Broc, a handy bull fighter and everyone who helped place a brick or two!

Here are a few “PINK” House Proud pictures. Lovin my new sidewalk!

Welcome to the PINK PALACE :)
Newly added ~ Matching PINK sidewalk and rock garden "BRONCY" rock garden~
with a rocky arena like this....lots of extra incentive to ride!

Wonder where this path might lead :)

Hmmm, what fun! I wonder what kind of FUN could be had with this path

& a fire pit?!?!

Thank you for visiting the gypsy trail. Wishing you safe travels!

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