Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Whitehall, Montana :

If ever there was a community that wanted to start their own rodeo….They could FOLLOW in Whitehall’s footsteps and be a huge success!

Why is Whitehall one of my favorite rodeos all year???

Answer: The ENTIRE community is involved, excited, and supports their Frontier Days celebration! You can feel the enthusiasm radiating from every person at every establishment you visit. Every coffee shop, hotel and gas station is bustling with talk of the upcoming events. Streets are filled with farmers markets and vendors. It is AMAZING!

On the road from Cheyenne, I rolled into Whitehall a few hours before rodeo time. Rodeo preparation underway, sorting, running cattle thru, ect. Well…in all that ect….I must have thought I was doing something that was very important and required a LOT of focus! There was a lil’ twister that touched down just blocks away from the rodeo grounds, ripped a roof off of a building and made a mess of main street! I had NO IDEA until the next day when some local vendors were talking about it. Lol…. Such focus : )

THANK YOU to JESS MARTIN for the opportunity to work with him & the entire MONIDA RODEO CO. crew! Thank you to my Dad & Jess for letting me flank, giving responsibilities and believing in me.

Great bucking horses, cowboys, Amazing rodeo fans, WORLD CLASS RODEO! Love the energy that pours out of the stands packed with excited rodeo fans! THANK YOU to the Whitehall Rodeo Committee and Congratulations on an AMAZING 2011 Frontier Days Rodeo!

After the rodeo the norm would be… feed the stock and call it a night. Well in Whitehall, Montana the rodeo was the main event but there was plenty of after party activities! STREET DANCES, BEST STEAK SANDWICHES in the WORLD, and a FULL NIGHT of FUN with FRIENDS….and my Dad.

THANK YOU AGAIN to Whitehall, Montana,

All the hard working sponsors, volunteers, Gina Ossello,

Jess Martin & the entire MONIDA RODEO CO. family!

BULLS EYE VIEW of the trip home :)

Pow wow, the dog, chillin at a rest stop

Thank You for traveling the Gypsy Trail with me today!

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