Saturday, October 29, 2011

SUPER Shady Shadows

So one night after a little block party my Dad calls and says come down to the house right now and take a picture of this. I say, "What?" He replies, "Just get down here!" I'm quite certain he is crazy. I'd just spent the last 2 hours with him at my house and whatever it can't be really that cool.

Regardless, I drive over at at 10:30 at night. It is a cool dark night. Dad is standing in the yard waiting for me as I pull in the yard.

Something over at the trailer catches my eye.
I know it's not a person but ....I don't know what it is....SUPER SHADY!
SUPER Shady!
(Yes, I repeated Super Shady...numerous times in a row)

Dad's like you should've seen me come out side....I was like...Who the H@*# is over there!

Lol...It was pretty funny.

Earlier that day, Dad had hung his saddle pad on the trailer to wash it out.
It just so happened that it lined up perfectly with the shop light.

When combined with some yard decorations.....

MR SUPER SHADY appears lurking over by the horse trailer!

You see him 1st thing when you walk out the back door from the house.
Super harmless....and kept us entertained for awhile :)

Wishing everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN weekend
& enjoy the adrenaline rush from SUPER SHADY things that go bump in the night :)

THANK YOU for taking the time to travel the Gypsy Trail with me today.
I truly appreciate you stopping to visit and look forward to another stop soon.

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Wishing you many happy moments making memories with your little pumpkins !

All great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking
into the darkness.

John Ruskin

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