Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cheyenne Frontier Days 2011

Cheyenne Frontier Days 2011

"Anytime a bronc rider invites you to Cheyenne at 1 in the morning….the answer is ALWAYS YES!!!!"

Some nice bronc riders asked if I wanted to throw in with them and go to Cheyenne. Well...I've never been to Cheyenne before so obviously I said Yes!

Packing for the trip to Cheyenne Frontier Days began with a call from Dad to come pull him home because his pickup had died along side the road. Looks like it’s off to the start of many grand stories in the next few days!

Let the Road Trip Begin!!!!

Entering Cheyenne!
You know the tunnel of love ain't my style
So I'm take her on the ferris wheel
Way up in the sky, with the stars in her eyes
I'm gonna tell her just how I feel

Wow....after a day in the vehicle...lol...You learn A LOT about your traveling partners.

It was quite the educational experience. Oh the stories!

lol...We ordered pizza from the hotel room. The super cute pizza delivery girl stayed for 20 minutes and bs'ed. Yes, the boys were that entertaining!


I LOVE RODEO!!!! What an amazing show!

Here are a few of the sights that caught my fancy.

The Pick Up Men! ~ Seriously, who doesn't love the amazing Billy Ward family!

It's no secret, I'm a bucking horse girl but....at Cheyenne
.....the Steer Wrestling was my favorite!!! Oh my gosh it was awesome!
The barrier is set out super far and some of the steer even stopped to grab a bite to eat before they broke the barrier! It was slow motion the 1st day!

I even got to enjoy the best of both worlds! While I was there they ran a fresh steer and then the next day a "fast" steer (aka. steer that had been ran once already) It was AMAZING!!!

The 1st day they mosied out and the second day they were SMOKING down the arena at about 60 mph! By the time the steer wrestlers caught them they seemed like they were 1/2 mile down the arena!

The Steer Tie Down Roping was AMAZING also!

Some of the smoothest runs I've ever seen! I pretty much set on the edge of my seat the whole rodeo! Loved it!!

THANK YOU to my traveling partners:
Chris Klucas, JC DeSaveur, and Marty Holden

Not only did I get to see Cheyenne Frontier Days, so of my FAVORITE PEOPLE in the World were there! Like the AMAZING MAX FILIPPINI!

Drum roll.....my favorite picture of the trip of one of my favorites!
Love Max Max Filippini!

Mindy, Rita, and J2 Hoggan ALL met up in CHEYENNE, WYOMING!

J2 came in from Idaho, Rita came up from Colorado, and I was in Montana.

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT FUN with my bro & sis!

Buck Ryan & JC paid for lil J2 to ride the bucking machine.

Pretty much made his day!


Thank you to all my AMAZING FRIENDS that I got to party with at Cheyenne!

Thank You all so much for traveling the gypsy trail!

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