Thursday, April 5, 2012

PARTY TIME - Rockin a Tupperware Party

TUPPERWARE!!! ~ Just the word takes you back to childhood memories of making goodies from Grandma and Mom's homemade ranch dressing. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend an awesome lil' Tupperware Party and had so much fun that I had to share some of the goodies I've found with you.

Don't worry, I was skeptical of going to a "Tupperware Party". It seemed so old school. I decided to set aside my preconceived notions of what the event would be like because I really had my heart set on a bowl like Mom used to have. I was more than pleasantly surprised that I went. I learned so much! Tupperware not only has the same great classics that you know and love but also tons of innovating new products.

Here are My FAVORITES ~
Shaker, Bowls, Cutting Boards, Canister, & Citrus Peeler

1. SHAKER ~ Mom used to make homemade ranch in this when I was little & I loved it! So much better than the stuff you buy at the store. After further research....You can use this handy dandy lil' shaker for lots of other making GRAVY, Pancake mixing & awesome lil' pour spout, and even other salad dressings. Excited to try it out with more things.
2. Bowls ~ The Tupperware bowls really do rock! The lids seal down so you don't have to worry about spills or leaks. Great to take to barbeques or parties with friends. Also, they nest inside so it takes up minimum cupboard space.
K, I know...enough pictures of my bowls...but geez they are just so pretty! :)

3. Cutting Boards ~ Thin, handy, and one for each of your meats. They don't take up much room. Flexible to pour off of and light enough you could pack them in a sheep camp kitchen.
4. Canisters ~ Light, durable and have easy snapping lids. Also, new handy little clear windows at the bottom to identify what's inside. Love being able to keep stored food fresh and away from any unwanted guests.
5. Citrus Peeler~ I LOVE it! Changed my world where oranges are concerned. It is so awesome. Score the orange with one end and then use the other to take off the peel.

**** I also learned that You can get replacement lids for your older Tupperware pieces. I am currently the owner of a whole new set of Tupperware that seems like brand new because this awesome company replaced my lids! Love companies that are there for you 65 years later!

My Tupperware Lady, Nikki's Favorites

1. Modular Mates ~ Stackable containers with that amazing Tupperware quality. transforming cupboards from a mess to marvelousness. Below are pictures of Modular Mates in action! Thank you so much to Nikki for the tour of her pantry!

2. Vent' N' Serve Containers ~ Versatile containers that do everything from refrigerate to freeze. Vented top for microwave use.
Oh...look...Vent & Serve that are on SALE right now
...along with another few steals

3. Fridge Smart Containers ~ Containers that extend the life of your fruits & veggies. Adjustable vents with an easy to use chart on the side.
Fridge Smart in Action!

Here is some fun from our party.
It is Tupperware's Birthday & they are having AMAZING sales all week long!

Canisters, Pitchers, Cutting boards, Shakers, Double Colander, & More
Check out the Marinade Container with ridges on both sides you
so you can just simple flip the container over with out getting your hands dirty.

Also, the the QUICK CHEF PRO system is sweet! Nikki demonstrated how to make FRESH ICECREAM in about 2 minutes with 4 simple ingredients! It was DELICIOUS!!!

Double Colander ~ isn't that handy! Oohh...this looks fun.
Lot's of AMAZING Sales running until April 13th
Oooooh....I think my favorite SHAKER is 40% off right now!
Fruit & Veggie Keepers
~keeps them fresh~
Celebrating Spring Colors

And how can you not love a Deviled Egg Server at Easter!
Let the celebrations begin!

& get in on all the great savings!

If you are interested in seeing more amazing Tupperware
feel free to shop any time at my online Tupperware Party at:!tw$shop.p_category?pv_ic_code=10000

or contact awesome My Tupperware Lady ~ Nikki is so helpful and carries a huge inventory also. Lot's of exclusive deals and retired pieces that are no longer in production. If you are searching for a certain color or style. Check with her, she has lots an amazing stock to choose from.
Contact Info:
Nikki Zufelt
phone: 208-390-2743

Thanks so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today! Hope you enjoying a beautiful spring day and getting ready to enjoy a meal with friends and family.
Happy Trails,

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