Sunday, April 1, 2012

Once Upon a Text Message 2

It's once again time to purge some of the randomness from the cell phone. Oh how these make me giggle. What randomly fabulous friends I have! Favorite text & picture messages from the phone. There is a little bit of everything livin....and barn cats and strippers.

Let the randomness begin .....
Feet up at the Movies!
Hot Date at the movies. We were the only 2 people in the theater.
It was awesome! Like watching a movie in your living room but with on a Big Screen
I laughed out loud through most of the Movie...."This Means War"
Once Upon a WINDY Spring in Hamer.....Beautiful sand drifts
...just need the only missing the water for our Sandy Beaches
  • In response to a request to delete a facebook comment
    ~"Go right ahead before my kids read that I dated a stripper" Silver Fox

The Sweet Life goodie basket purchased by HOGGAN RODEO at the Dubois Rodeo Valentine's Dinner! Some like it HOT!!! Chocolate covered Jalepenos!!!!! Iy Yi Yi!!!!

  • "You're too great of a woman not to date. You're gonna make some fella real happy" Courting Cowboy
  • "You're not broken. You are perfect!" ~ Cowboy Wearing Rose Colored Glasses
  • "You don't deserve to be somebodies fall back plan. You deserve to be someones PRIORITY" ~ Cowboy with Priorities

Who doesn't love running into a Dancing Bear Sheep Camp along their trail!

Rainbows, Horse Drawn Houses and almost anything you can image!
  • "S*%^ the hired hand says, Uhhhh did you move the cows last night?
No, are they moved?
Uh, yeah they're in the stackyard
Yes, Brian, Last night I got out of bed and moved the cows into the stack yard."

  • "Did you get lucky last night or just really happy to be alive?" W.S
Cuter than a barrel fun of bunnies! Happy Easter from Friends
Barn Cat & Collars
  • "Sheep Camp Grocery List:
    ~from my Favorite Sheep Herder
Myles Blossom Saddle with Silver
~ Handmade Full Flower Saddle by Martiny Saddle Co.
Feeding with Josie!
Glad we keep random Sombreros on hand in the feed truck! ;0
lol...goodness what a random random lil' ride down the gypsy trails! Thank you so much for traveling with me! Have a great day! ~ That Girl

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  1. Haha.. I Love the things men say

  2. lol..I am constantly receiving the message that my inbox is full because I am hoarding hilarious text messages from friends. Always makes me smile