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Jerry Sims, The HAPPY TOYMAKER,- Toys Made in the USA

Good Morning! Good Morning! Good Morning! ....
So excited to share a fabulous find from the Trail this morning. A few years ago, my lil' brother, J2, received a custom HAPPY TOY MAKER rodeo set from Santa. It is absolutely amazing! Just like the real thing...except made a little better than a few the real facilities we've been to. J2 LOVES it & still spends hours putting that arena to good use. Quality, hand made in the USA, steel toys that will last a lifetime! I couldn't keep a treasure like these to myself!Jerry was kind enough to visit with me a little about his amazing toys and how it all got started.

Big Rig! Semi Truck & Trailer
Makes me want to go play!


Q: How did you get into Toy Making?
A: “I got started making the toys for my boys when they were 2 and 3 years old. They asked for a blue doctoring chute. I made them a processing chute and tub and snake for the first time for Christmas. The next birthday and Christmas I just kept making things and then the neighbors wanted something so I just kept building things. The first rodeo arena I made for them weighed 165 lbs and took me about 100 hours. It all still works.”

Q:Tell a little bit about yourself. Who is the man behind the Happy Toymaker?

A: “I have lived in Happy TX for 49 years, I love kids, I have never grown up. I have been on our vol. Fire Dept for 29 years and been the fire chief and EMS director for 16 years. I farm and have a starter yard for little cattle. I try to teach my kids how to do lots of things. They rope and help do every part of the business. My family has been around this area farming and ranching for about 100 years.”

Q:Favorite thing about Making Toys?
A: "The best thing about making the toys is watching the kids play with them. I take them to rodeos and shows and the kids love them. It is the best time ever.
"I love to weld and make new things. I want to make new toys each year for our collection. I do not want to be Walmart or Toys are Us.
I just want to make a real good toy that last and is very functional. It works kids minds and keeps them interested in the farm and ranch. I think it helps parents to get on the floor and play with their kids. Show them how to do lots of things. It keeps lots of kids out of trouble too"

Without further further ado, here are a few of the pieces from the AMAZING HAPPY TOYMAKER Collection!

Pickups, Horse Trailers, Feed Trucks, and MORE

Pickup with a flat bed and cake box with hay forks to pick up a wood round bale. It has a hitch for a goose neck and bumper pull. The 16 inch trailer, jacks work and has a spare tire adjustable hitch which is a grease zert and coupler and both gates latch.It has a hitch on the back to pull bumper pull items. This unit is 28 lbs. You can add custom names, brands and pick your own color.

What can I say...the PINK is just FUN!

Tubs & Processing Chutes

Front View Processing Chute with custom names & brands.
Also, shown with bull in chute

All horses are handmade and painted by Jerry's wife, Patrice.
They are made out of a resin that is flexible,
about the same thing that a football kicking tees would be made out of
Lots of Trailers to Load!
and even more colors to choose from :)

"I just want to make a real good toy that last and is very functional.
It works kids minds and keeps them interested in the farm and ranch." ~ The Happy Toy Maker

If you are looking for QUALITY HANDMADE in the USA TOYS that are as tough as the kids that play with them....look no further....visit the Happy Toy Maker today!

Contact information:
The Happy Toy Maker
Jerry Sims
PO Box 548
Happy, Texas 79042

What FUN!!! Seriously, I am having a serious urge to go play right now! Maybe J2 will share :)
Thank you so so much to Jerry Sims and the Happy Toy Maker family for letting me share their amazing toys! So an honor to share quality, handmade products with my friends. Thank YOU for traveling the gypsy trail with me today. Always fun to travel the trail with a friend!
Love ya,
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