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NATIVE COWGIRL Meet the Maker Eileen Phillips

As you may know from the previous post, NATIVE COWGIRL Skin Care by Eileen Phillips, I recently had the opportunity to visit with Eileen about her new skin care line Native Cowgirl. During our interview I learned not just about the path that had lead to this all natural skin care line but also got a glimpse into her amazing life.
So much awesomeness to take in and only so much room in one article....I decided to share another post! What an amazing story! Don't take my word for it. Go ahead and see for yourself.

Q: Eileen, tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is the woman behind Native Cowgirl? Give us a little background on who you are, the Native Cowgirl.

Eileen Answers:

I grew up on a ranch on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Northwestern Montana. I am a third generation rodeo competitor, as well as rancher. My husband paid the bills for over 16 years as a professional rodeo competitor, and we currently rancher for a living. We have been blessed to do what we love and love what we do! I am also the Communications Director for Western Wishes, an organization that honors and strives to lift the spirits of children and young adults faced with adversity who live and love the western way of life.

My family, on both sides, was very influential in “taming” the west. My Great-Grandmother, Ione Pope, (Grammy’s mother) was way ahead of her time. Unlike most young women then, she did not want to just marry and have children. She didn’t care about being labeled as a “spinster” and went to school in South Dakota and became a teacher. She did not marry until she was in her late twenty’s, and she homesteaded her own ground, with her two sisters – none of whom were married at the time, in Eastern Montana. She loved to ride and ranch. My Grammy told me that she never really had intentions to marry – but when my Papa Ayers came along and saved her from getting snake bit at her ranch gate, she married that “red-faced cowboy”! I idolized my great-grandmother.

Gaga and Papa Ayers, just married, on their way
to HER homestead on Powder River in Montana! August, 1921.

My father, Howard Moss, was born into a ranching and rodeo family in Jackson Hole Wyoming; back when the town was young and just growing. I come by my “showboat” side honestly.

My Dad on his buffalo – during the Plains, MT rodeo. Around 1965.

My Mom’s dad, “Boompa”, was a livestock auctioneer, and traveled all over Montana, Idaho, the Dakotas and Wyoming to livestock sales.

Boompa’s professional auctioneer photo.

My Grandpa Moss was not only a horse trainer, bronc rider, and steer wrestler; but he also dabbled in the movie business as a stuntman – once in a John Wayne movie. He provided horses for various movies during the golden era of westerns, right until his last movie, Shane in 1954.
Photo Above:My Grandpa Moss is the one on the right. He trained his movie horses with an authentic style, using war bridles, bareback (no hidden saddle under a blanket), and trained them to fall and roll without having to trip them. He was friends with Yakima Canut.

Grandpa Moss was a “stock contractor” of sorts, providing horses for rodeos all around Montana and Idaho. Grandpa paid my Uncle Jim’s hospital bill when he was born in Jackson Hole, by winning the bronc riding at a rodeo. He literally left my Grandma at the hospital, went to the rodeo, and came back to the hospital with payment in full! I grew up watching my Dad and my uncles perform at rodeos and developed a deep love for the sport, from both a competitive and production standpoint. Rodeos at the Moss Ranch used to be regular, and kind of a big deal. We had a grass grandstand, and my grandpa or one of my uncles would announce.
People would picnic and it was a great afternoon of fun!

Photo Below:My Grandpa Moss, at a rodeo somewhere in Wyoming. Notice the back number – and no arena, just people horseback and standing around! Also, no flank strap – just the back cinch set far back -

WOW, Aren't you glad I didn't keep this to myself! Such rich western history and a family of trail breakers. As you can see, Ms Eileen has a rich and colorful history. So glad she shared a little bit of her story with us. To see more about Native Cowgirl
and the beautiful Eileen Phillips check out the previous post on Native Cowgirl Skin Care

Also here is contact info
Native Cowgirl
Eileen Phillips
25499 S 200 Rd
Henryetta, OK 74437

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Thank you so much for traveling the trail with me today! Wishing you a wonderful week filled with more blessings than you can count!
Happy Trails ~ Mindy
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  2. I have an insatiable appetite for anything western and this story had my heart pounding. What an amazing legacy! I'd love to hear more. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Cheri, Make sure you "Like" Native Cowgirl on facebook! Such an amazing family with lots more stories to share. Eilleen has 2 blogs also. They are in my favorites...Native Cowgirl and Rodeo Re-Ride Stories!
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