Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gros Ventre , Collections of Elk Feeding Adventures

Gros Ventre ~ morning view from the Cabin at the feed grounds

For about the last 5 winters or so, my Dad has been feeding elk at in the Gros Ventre area. It is amazing in there! Not only is it a breath taking experience with the beauty you are surrounded by but also the friendships cultivated in those snowy hills will be treasured for a lifetime.

Wonderful friends like Mike Henry, Kevin Jones, Jana Davis, Brittani Brusett, Garrick Grover, Kent Farris, Trevor & Emily Fuhriman, Jake and Hadley Hoggan....are just a few reasons that make the Gros Ventre a place you will always hold dear to your heart.

I haven't made it in to feed elk yet this winter and have been thinking about all the fun adventures down snow covered trails of the past. The following are some of my favorite pictures from those adventures & a link to 5 Gros Venture Adventures.

Collections of Gros Ventre Stories
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Gros Ventre Bound

Elk Filled Horizon ~view of the ridge right behind the Cabin.
Filled with elk. They trail down in the early morning light and begin to feed

Tetons from the Corrals at the Cabin Feed Grounds
Down River

View as you come into the Cabin from up above

Gros Ventre Neighbors

Teamed Up to Feed

What a fun trip! Thank you for traveling with me as I followed the trails through my mind back to Gros Ventre Adventures. Hope you enjoyed the ride. Make sure to click on the links & check out the fun pictures and stories from all the adventures.
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