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NATIVE COWGIRL Skin Care by Eileen Phillips

Today I wanted to share with you a friend that I had the pleasure of meeting on the rodeo trail years ago, the beautiful Ms Eileen Phillips. Eileen is one of those All- Around Woman that can do everything. Beautiful, handy, resourceful and can tackle any task. One of the tasks she's taken on is...BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY SKIN! Eileen has been kind enough to share her talents through NATIVE COWGIRL, all-natural face scrubs, lotion, and body moisturizer.

About a month ago, I had the privilege of sampling the Native Cowgirl line and I knew I had to share it with my friends. Eileen was kind enough to share not only Native Cowgirl but give us a glimpse at her amazing story.

Without further a due, here is Eileen, the Native Cowgirl.

Q:How did Native Cowgirl start? (Story behind the skin care line)

A:"My Grammy used to always nag me about wearing a hat. I’d go out to change irrigation pipe and she’d yell “Wear a hat!” I’d go out to rake hay or pick up bales in the field during hay season and she’d holler “Take your hat, or you’ll regret it!” I never listened. But in my defense – I was a white-skinned girl on the Flathead Indian Reservation! I WANTED to burn! Back in those days, a real good burn meant a beautiful, bronze color in two or three days. I didn’t believe I’d ever get old, and I certainly didn’t want to look like my Grammy in her silly hats! My Grammy was a true-blue cowgirl, and had been her whole life. But I swear – the hats she’d show up in at the rodeos and functions! I’d cringe; mainly because I was a self-centered teenager. But, in those days, there wasn’t all the fuss about sun block; and there weren’t all the cute hats that we have now. "

Taken early in pipe-changing season, 1980.
I changed 2 ½ miles of hand-lines twice a day,
from early May til August until I was a senior in high school in 1984;
and I NEVER wore a hat!

Grammy is on the left, her brother West on the right.
It was their first day at Valley Creek school.
They rode everyday – and hobbled their horses in the nearest pasture.

My Grammy, she was very good friends with Mrs. Big Crane (I think she was the wife of the last full-blooded Crow Chiefs, but can't remember for sure), and Grammy learned so much about roots, leaves, berries and such. Grammy and I would each grab a walking stick, and she would take me through the woods, teaching me what Mrs. Big Crane taught her; and I know that these walks and talks still influences me today.

My Dad’s sisters were glamorous. They always had their hair done and lipstick on. My Aunt Afton was the one who taught me that skin care was important – especially if one wanted to look young. She was a single mom of three; and was always making her own soap, her own facials, and to this day – looks awesome! I would say that Afton had a deep impact on me, as far as her being a living, breathing example of how a woman can age gracefully, even on a budget!

Aunt Afton

My Grammy was right – I did get old. By the time 35 years hit me, my skin was really taking a dive. Unfortunately, my budget was also taking a dive, and I just couldn’t afford some of the fancy department store products. So, I started to research skin care – both over the internet and via friends. I have a lot of friends who have had some “maintenance work” done; or had the “old barn braced and painted”, as I like to say! Their doctors and dermatologists had one thing in common: they all had the belief that nature and other items found in our grocery stores are just as good, or better, than department store creams and potions. So, about two years ago, I started to experiment. At first, I was the only one using them. Then, after I realized that I didn’t like to ever run out of my own product, I started to give it away as Christmas and Birthday gifts. My friends would always ask what I called it, thus – the name – came about mainly because of how and where I was raised combined with what I do for a living. It all made sense to me. Native Cowgirl Skin Care: “Let Nature Make Amends (For Past Offenses)”

Q: Native Cowgirl Goals?

A: My main goal is to make my friends and others who purchase this product happy. I just love hearing that the product helps; that the product smells good; and that they are satisfied with their purchase.

Drum Roll Please......rrrrrrrrrrrr.....I am pleased to introduce NATIVE COWGIRL SKIN CARE!

Spicy Sorrel Scrub - Scrub tingles and exfoliates while moisturizing the skin. Contains all natural skin brightners.

"I like to use this in the morning, but it can be used anytime you wash your face. Wet your face; put a little on your finger tips; gently massage face in circular motion. What I like about Spicey Sorrel in the morning, is that the scrub has natural skin brighteners in it - and I like to start my day looking a little brighter!"~ Eileen

"Delicious warm smells waft out of the jar as soon as you begin to unscrew the jar. This is my favorite scrub! Smells heavenly & leaves your face feeling refreshed and rejuvenated." ~Mindy

Vanilla Buck Scrub - "I like this anytime - but it is a little more moisturizing, so it is perfect as a night scrub. Wet the face; put a little on the finer tips; gently massage face in circular motion." ~Eileen

Lavender Face Moisturizer - "I like to use this at night, as it is a heavier coverage moisturizer. A little goes a long way. However, I have used it as an under-makeup moisturizer, for during the day. It is also great as a body massage oil. My husband LOVES it for a back rub - the aroma of lavender is very relaxing." Eileen

Coconut-Lime Body Moisturizer - "I love this for after shower, anytime, day or night." ~Eileen

"The Coconut-Lime Body Moisturizer is absolutely dreamy! The smell alone is absolutely scrumptious and leaves my skin super soft. I love it right after a shower. Deliciousness in a jar! This was the jar that got me hooked & I had to try more" Mindy

Native Cowgirl Sample Pack ~ The whole tribe of Native Cowgirl products! Eileen has put together an awesome trial size of Spicy Sorrel Scrub, Vannila Buck Scrub, Lavender Face Moisturizer, and Coconut- Lime Body Moisturizer so YOU can try them out for yourself!

If you would like more information about Native Cowgirl Skincare or would like to ORDER here is contact information:
Native Cowgirl
Eileen Phillips
25499 S 200 Rd
Henryetta, OK 74437

Thank you so much for traveling the gypsy trail with me today! I had so much fun sharing the beautiful Ms Eileen and Native Cowgirl with you. Hope it makes your day a little brighter!
Happy Trails,
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