Friday, March 9, 2012

PLAYING HOOKY driving the team with Dad

Good Morning,
These last couple days we have been blessed with absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather! Wednesday afternoon I decided to sneak out and play hooky for a few hours. Dad's been working teams all winter. He has a cute lil' set of Haflingers, named John & Wayne. They are going real good. I took them for a spin. Great afternoon! Here are some pictures from our back yard adventures.

Dad handing me the reins.
Notice my trusty Corgi, Woodrow watching every move we make
Off we go!
No animals were injured in the photographing of this event,
even if a naughty Corgi should've been.
Woodrow is quite certain he is a head dog ;)
John really digs down deep and scratches to get going.
Such awesome lil' horses
The feed wagon has a 2 Horse Power engine
John & Wayne

Lovin on Wayne
Thank You to Dad for a great afternoon break.
Thank you to John & Wayne, for being perfect little gentleman.
Blessed with a BEAUTIFUL afternoon outside.

Thank you for traveling the gypsy trail with me today.
Wishing everyone a gorgeous weekend with loved ones.
Happy Trails,

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